Hi guys and ladies

Welcome to my fantastic new website! I know what you’re thinking? Yep, she’s gone all professional and it’s never going to be the same….

You’d be very wrong of course as I don’t intent to change a thing; I will always bring you quality amateur videos, just the way I always have. The only thing that’s changed is my website, which I’m sure you’ll agree, looks fantastic! Hubbie had to give up trying to build it in the end as it was just taking up all his time and let’s face it guys, we have important issues to deal with, like making new material for you to watch! So, in the end we handed it over to a web developer and this is the finished article. I’m over the moon with the new look and I hope you love it just as much. I absolutely promise you, I am not going into the porn industry or changing anything about what I do or how I do it because I love it the way it is too….

So, I guess you’re wondering what the hell I’ve been up to, especially since I’ve added nothing to my xhamster profile for ages either…

Well, quite simply, the weekends have been taken up with trying to build the site and while that’s been down, I’ve been making a few personalised videos for some horny guys out there. I’ve got a couple more lined up as well, so you are keeping me occupied while the site has been down!

However, I really need to crack on and get some new material together for the website as Liquid Confetti and Fucking Hubbie’s Mates were the last videos I made. To be fair though, it’s not that easy to make videos when you live quite a distance from the guys in the videos and finding willing participants has been a challenge. So many guys love the idea of being a porn star but then lose their bottle or are just too shy. As you know, I film with normal guys, just like yourselves and not porn stars so I have to go with the flow as everyone has their own life.

Apart from that, I’ve been trying to get back into a fitness routine as I got a bit lazy over the winter. I gave up my membership at the leisure centre and tried to do some regular exercise at home using my wii…but you know how it is; motivation dwindles and the days in-between the workouts get longer. Anyway, now that the warm weather is here – and god has it been stifling – I have started going running every other day. I am SO lucky to leave close to the sea and to be able to run in the early morning down on the seafront is a real privilege. Not only that, but if the sea is calm, I can get changed and go for a lovely swim as well. Being a water sign, I really have to drag myself out of there, believe me! It’s absolutely beautiful.

As for the hot weather; I’m not complaining atall, but I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING when it’s like that. It’s been so intense that sleeping has been difficult and even just moving about brings you out in a sweat. So, lovely as it is, it’s kind of nice that the temperature is starting to cool down a little although the air is still lovely and warm. It’s far nicer and I desperately need to get out and do some new photos as well.

Well, there’s not a lot more I can say to you guys except that I hope you enjoy my new site. I had no choice but to make it a membership only site; again, far too much red tape to be able to continue the way I was. BUT, even if you have bought some of my videos, I’m sure there will still be some in there that you haven’t seen – not all of them feature on xhamster. There’s some older stuff as well, back from 2014 I believe, when I had my first 3sum with hubbie and a mate; I know you won’t have seen that one! Compared to what we do now, it does look amateur but then again, I know you like real scenarios and whatever I do in the future will be exactly like what you’ve already seen. I have no plans to go “Pro”; I love it the way it is and I know you do too.

So I guess that’s it from me for now. Hopefully, now that the site is finished it will free up our time to get on and do some new videos and we have some great ideas lined up!

My exercise routine has made me feel loads better too; all I need is some time and to find some quiet places to film in, which isn’t easy when you live in the busiest part of Devon!!!

Why not look out for me if you are down this way; whether you’re local or just down here on holiday, you never know, you could spot me somewhere getting up to no good!!!!!

Well, you guys stay horny and thank you all so much for all your lovely messages, comments on xham which I can’t always reply to as I get so many and most importantly, for sticking with me and being patient while my site has been re-built.

Please keep an eye on my blog; it’s free for everyone to read – not just members – and I will keep you updated on everything!

Love you all loads and speak soon

Luv Sam xx