Hi guys!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the two little videos I’ve uploaded for you so far this year and just to let you know, there will be more on the way!

In the meantime and with that in mind, I have made the decision to stop offering my personalised videos. As much as I enjoyed doing them for you, there is only one of me and I really need to concentrate what time I have available to making videos for my members. I’ve enjoyed every one that I’ve made and would like to thank each and every one of you that has requested them, but sadly, I am struggling to find time to fit them in around everything else in my life. Please don’t forget, I’m a normal person – just like you – with a normal life. This website isn’t how I make a living, it’s something I do for a bit of fun and enjoyment as and when I can. So I’m really sorry to those of you who have asked me to make one for you, but I’m sure you understand that my priority is the material for my site and I would like to focus all my energies on that.

The other thing I am giving up is selling worn items. This is because I no longer live anywhere near a post office so I’d really have to go out of my way to send things to you. Again, as much as I love to pass on those things, it’s just another thing that I no longer have the time to do. Previously I lived within walking distance of the post office so it was easy to just take a stroll but not anymore, I’m afraid.

So “Sam Hunter Secrets” has been taken down and I will be giving 100% to my website and to those who are paid members 🙂

Well guys, I’ve had a busy week running around doing things but finally – FINALLY – we have got on top of everything on our “to do” list – and that includes me finding myself a new hairdresser – so now I can just concentrate on coming up with some sexy new ideas for films 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to put you all in the picture so please, no more requests for either personal clips or worn items as I physically don’t have the time to do either for you, which is sad, as it was as exciting for me as it is for you.

For now though, I’m hoping to bring you something new very soon and I hope you are all enjoying what I’ve done so far!

See you all again soon guys…

Love you all lots

Kisses & wanks

Sam xxx