Hi guys!

Well, I have something a little different for you this time; you might think I’m taking a new direction when you see it but I’m not atall. It’s just that sometimes I like to experiment with new ideas and be a little creative, just to add a little excitement! I also like to show my sensual and kinky side too; the harness was a Christmas treat, along with the boots that I’m wearing and the cuffs 😉 Bondage, I hear you say? Oh yes, I do like a little restraint every now and again; nothing heavy but there is something extremely exciting about wearing leather, especially in a fetish capacity.

SO, my latest video – “Sam in Harness” – was born from a little shoot that we did over New Year. It was intended as material for me to take some photo stills to add to my gallery – and I have done that too – but once I’d finished doing those it seemed a waste to just delete the video and I started having a think about what I could do with it….

Just to take you back a bit; a guy in the States put together a music tribute for me; I didn’t ask for it, he just made it as this is something he does for a hobby plus he has his own website; reverbnation.com. Anyway, so he made me this awesome music mix using samples of my voice from my video “Private Show” and I have been wanting to try and use it with one of my videos for a while now.

Well, I thought that maybe I could work it around the footage I took and I spent some time yesterday messing around on imovie….and personally, I think the result is pretty good, considering I’m an amateur at these things!!!

As I said, there is a gallery to follow but I’m not sure how to create one of those on my website so need a little help from hubbie, but it should be ready to view very soon. There are a few pics that have been taken from footage that I didn’t use in the video for various reasons, so there will be a few extras in there for you to browse at your leisure.

Well guys, I hope you enjoy what I have done for you this time. As I said, sometimes I just need to reach out and indulge in the other aspects of my sexuality and personality and hopefully you will enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed doing it. It wasn’t rehearsed, just pure impulsive and spontaneous fun and fuck, I felt good wearing that harness 😉

Lastly, thank you to Jon Staudt for creating such an amazing mix for me and I feel proud to have it, not only in my collection of tributes but also for the privilege of using it as a soundtrack to one of my sexy videos.

See you all again soon guys…

Love you all lots

Kisses & wanks

Sam xxx