Hi guys!

I hope you are all ok and staying safe during this VERY windy weather. I know it’s been particularly bad in Scotland and Ireland so anyone out there from those parts, please take care.

I must admit it’s harder work running against the wind (cue the Bob Seger song), but it makes it more of a challenge but no more sea swimming for me..oh no, not until next year anyway!

So I’ve been promising you a new video and I have finally got one. I’m still working on the edit as I write and there is quite a lot of other stuff I have to do before I can launch it, but I am hoping to upload it in time for the weekend. The edit itself doesn’t actually take that long but the “saving” part takes ages, so I’m currently waiting patiently for that to finish. As always, there will be a teaser clip on xham for those who aren’t members but are still curious to know what I’ve been up to but the whole video will be ready to watch very soon!

Well I must get on with things guys, I want to finish everything for the video so I can upload it for you so this is just a quick blog to keep you updated.

Take care and stay horny!

Speak to you all again soon ok!

Lots of love & wanks

Sam xxx