Hi guys

Well, what AMAZING weather we are having at the moment; a heatwave which is long overdue.  I hope that wherever you live, you are enjoying the sunshine as well and that it’s making you all nice and horny!

This morning I had to forfeit being outside as I desperately wanted to make another video for you, so it was a big “no” to sitting out in the garden and on with the stockings and suspenders for some sexy fun in front of the camera…how else to spend a Wednesday morning eh?  Actually, normally I would have been at the gym, but I’ve had to swap my days around this week so I had some free time to think about what I could cum up with.

So I’m working on it as we speak guys; as I’ve said before, it’s boringly time-consuming waiting for it to save and then uploading it to the site also takes a lifetime, BUT, it’s almost ready and will be available for you to watch very soon.  In the meantime, I’m sitting out in my garden writing this and catching a few cheeky rays….blissful 🙂

Some even better news is that one of my biggest fans is coming down to stay with us the first weekend in October, so I am REALLY looking forward to making something seriously horny with him.  We’ve filmed together many times now and we have so much fun.  Not only is he a terrific porn star, he is also a great friend and a loyal member of my site and we’ve known each other for a few years now.  So “G”, we are really looking forward to seeing you and we are going to have an amazing time.  I’ll be planning my outfits very soon 😉

So guys, I just wanted to give you head….sorry, the heads-up, that there is something new on the way for you.  I can’t add a pic to tease you as the film is still in it’s “saving” process so I can’t do anything until it’s finished, but I will add one a bit later for you.

In the meantime, stay horny, keep those cocks nice and hard for me and I shall upload it very soon ok.

Speak to you again soon

Lots of luv & wanks

Sam xxx