Hi guys!

Thank you to you all again for enjoying my website and to those who have joined, I hope you love what’s inside!

Well, “Hitchin’ a Ride” was obviously hugely popular; I know how much you horny guys love outdoor stuff, but unfortunately I can’t do those all the time. However, all is not lost as I am about to launch another sexy little vid for you to enjoy!

The feedback on my schoolgirl video on xham inspired me to do something just for you as that was a clip of a personalised movie that I made exclusively for someone. So, if you love that look and want to watch me in a POV style video, then I think “Naughty Schoolgirl” will be right up your street! Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a more imaginative title for this one guys; normally something cheeky springs to mind but I kind of guess that it just tells it like it is.

So in this one you get to see me in my short grey school skirt, white shirt, tie and white socks as well as my white panties; the innocent schoolgirl…not!

Anyway, for lovers of that kind of thing I think you’ll enjoy it so keep checking back as it will be live for you to watch very soon and as always, there will be a preview clip on xham to whet your appetite!


Lots of love & wanks

Sam xxx