Hi guys

Well it’s been a bit hectic for me over the past couple of weeks, especially last week so I hope yours has been a little more relaxing!

So apart from buzzing around all over the place, on Thursday I got myself a new tattoo.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but wasn’t sure what to have and whereabouts on my body I wanted it, but I finally came up with the perfect idea and I think it sums me up perfectly, especially with my love of swimming in the sea (although not at the moment)!!!

And here she is, still a bit sore (this pic was taken yesterday evening) and my leg is still a little pink and swollen, which just made me think of something very naughty 😉 

So at the moment I can’t wear stockings and definitely no suspenders until she’s completely healed, but as soon as it has, I shall be pulling those nylons on and bringing you another video ok.

Please bear with me guys, I’m still thinking of you and will be back on the case very soon, but in the meantime, I hope you love her and she was definitely worth the pain!

Speak soon

Lots of luv

Sam xxx