Hi again guys

Yep, here I am again already with another update for you!  You’ve all been so patient waiting for me to get around to doing something new, so this week I have tried my best to give you something to keep you company during this nightmare of a lockdown.

Like you, I am very restricted to what I can do so I have to make the best of the outdoor space that I have and that’s not very easy when you are surrounded by neighbours and still no bloody fence ūüôĀ  But I hope that you will enjoy my latest gallery “Tits & Arse”; just a few cheeky shots outside yesterday in the beautiful sunshine.  Today it’s overcast and not that great so I’m indoors doing a bit of cooking…

So I hope you have all been making good use of the time – if you arn’t working.  I’ve been trying to keep in shape; Joe Wicks is my new best workout friend right now and I’ve been doing some of his HIIT workouts to try and keep myself as trim as I can, bearing in mind that wine is featuring fairly high on my diet at the moment, as it seems with everyone else!!!!  Our collection of empty bottles is a little embarressing to say the least but hey, what else is there to do right now when you can’t go out?

Anyway my darlings, I hope you are all ok and staying safe.  Enjoy my latest vid and photos and I’ll be thinking of something new again for you very soon.

Lots of luv & wanks

Sam xx