Hi guys!

Well, it’s finally happened. I am now officially UKHOTWIFE and no longer slutwifeofdevon.

So I’m guessing you’re wondering why I decided to change? To be honest, since we moved house we’ve made a lot of changes (most of which have absolutely nothing to do with my website), but I got thinking about my website name and whether it really suited me or not. I have been told many times but different guys that they don’t consider me to be a slut, more of a classy woman who just likes to enjoy herself and it’s important to take your views on board guys, as your perception of me means a lot. Actually, I’m really flattered that you don’t think I’m slutty; I much prefer the “classy” label and who wouldn’t?!

So after a lot of chatting and trying to think of a new name, we thought UKHotWife sums me up a lot better and I hope you agree 🙂

I’ve got to change everything on my xhamster profile so that will be work in progress over the next week but even if you type slutwifeofdevon into google, you will automatically be re-directed to my new site.

Onto other things now!

Well, it hasn’t taken long to get spotted in my new hometown! One guy from xhamster saw me in two different places in one weekend and I absolutely know he wasn’t bluffing as I was definitely there on both occasions! Let’s just say, the garden centre is the place to be as I was spotted in there, yet again, only last week by another xham member! I have to say that I probably didn’t look too glamorous trying to carry two bags of logs to the car but that’s the thing guys; I’m just a normal woman who does the same mundane things as you but with a secret alter-ego! It’s actually really nice when you guys see me about – supermarkets are another hot-spot – and email to let me know; it always puts a smile on my face, so thank you for taking your precious time to send me your messages.

So last Friday I had a visit at home by a member who has known me since my early days on Adultwork. Having seen my stable pics on the website and also something I was selling on ebay (that’s another story that’s just between us) he asked if he could buy this particular thing and come round and wank on it. How could I resist! Last Friday was a glorious day for February, the sun was shining, I got my jodphurs and white shirt on (just like in the photos) and waited for him to arrive. We’ve met before – twice now – so we are completely relaxed in each other’s company so after a quick coffee and a catch-up, it was round to the stables for some naughty fun. Well, I love to watch guys wanking and to sit there while he tugged on his cock was thrilling. There was no way I was going to let him waste that cum on the thing he’d bought from me, so I unbuttoned my shirt, got my tits out and let him shoot all over me. He’d told me he’d been saving it up for me for a couple of days and I can assure you he wasn’t lying. I had to walk back round to my front door with my shirt COVERED!!

I’d love to have filmed it and hopefully, maybe next time he’ll let me but I’ll leave that with him to decide. But “S”, thank you so much; it was great fun and I know you enjoyed it just as much so if you want to do it again, just let me know ok 😉

Well, that’s about it for now guys. This week I’ve been nursing a sore throat and cold, courtesy of hubbie who gave it to me, but it’s almost gone and this weekend we are really hoping that we can get outside and take some new cheeky photos for the website, particularly as I want to change the one on the front page. So, keep everything crossed for some sunshine and hopefully we can make up for the crap weekend we just had struggling with colds!

As always, thank you all so much for your lovely comments and messages and once I’m over this cold completely, I plan to get on with another little movie for you ok!

In the meantime, stay horny and see you all again soon!

Love you all lots

Kisses & wanks

Sam xxx