Hi guys!

WOW, what a difference in the weather!!!

OK, so yesterday was a bit pants but today has been absolutely gorgeous; if the BBQ hadn’t been stuck at the back of one of the stables we would have lit it up and had some lunch outside..yep, it was that warm and I hope you had some of the same wherever you are ūüôā

So, it’s been a while since I’ve been out and about doing photos and things but since the forecast for today was sunny, it was a case of ‚Äúright, we’re going out, whatever‚ÄĚ!!!!

And so I bring you my latest gallery, with, what I consider to be some of my best photos so far…I really hope you agree. To be honest, I was baking hot when I left the house, dressed up to the nines in the lovely sunshine, but I was determined to wear what I had planned for this shoot and it was worth every minute.

We did actually take some video up there at the station, but for god knows what reason, it only recorded about 3 seconds, which was really disappointing. However, once home, it was out of those hot clothes and into something a little more skimpy for another cheeky vid…outdoors! I’m just working on that one guys and it should be live on my site for you by tomorrow and I hope you enjoy it. I won’t give you too many clues but it did involve water!!!

I am so excited now that the warm weather has finally arrived, even if it’s just for a while, as I have plans to do so much more outdoor stuff this year, so please keep checking my updates and I’ll let you know as and when I have more for you.

In the meantime though, I really hope you enjoy my new gallery and the video will be available to watch really soon ok!

Stay horny guys and see you all again soon!

Love you all lots

Kisses & wanks

Sam xxx