13 August 2018 and a New Film!!!!

Hi guys!

Well firstly – and most importantly – I would like to thank each and every one of you who has joined my site and I’m thrilled that you all wanted to keep up with my slut wife shennanigans!

So far the feedback I have had has been amazing; the fact that you all love what I do is a HUGE compliment and I can assure you that although it’s difficult bringing you new films, I will be making more whenever I get the opportunity. Sadly, the last couple of weekends have been a bit pants as far as the weather is concerned BUT, yesterday (Sunday) we braved it, got the umbrella out and went out to get up to mischief!

To be honest, we’d arranged this meet a couple of weeks ago and obviously had no idea what the weather was going to be like and so when Saturday came and it rained all day and the forecast for Sunday wasn’t much better, we felt a bit disillusioned but determined to go ahead anyway..so off we headed to our agreed location for our rendevouz.

Well, we drove through rain and mist/fog, all the time thinking “oh great, this isn’t going to be too much fun” but we were filming in the van so all was not lost; if it chucked it down then at least we were inside! Thankfully, but the time we got to our destination, had a coffee and found a good spot to film – there were people EVERYWHERE – the rain had stopped, the mist had cleared and it was perfect 🙂

So I bet you’re all wondering what I have in store for you this time?!!!! Of course, a little more cheekiness and fun is on offer; obviously it’s outdoors – well, in the van but outdoors – an obscenely short denim skirt and a top that leaves nothing to the imagination!

Hitchin’ a Ride” is on it’s way my darlings with me being picked up by a couple of white van men and I think you’ll enjoy this one..afterall, who can resist a cheeky outdoor movie with lots of action? We were filming with one of our closest friends and fun-buddies and he’s been in a few of my films now so we are really relaxed with each other, which always makes for better movies. Again, nothing was scripted at all, we just made it up as we went along with the scenario that I had come up with.

So please bear with me while I put it together guys; it won’t be long before it’s live on here and I’ll also be posting a clip preview on xhamster for those who arn’t members of my site to have a peek at!

Oh and on the subject of xhamster; please can I thank all of you who left comments and messages for me on there for my latest video clips! The schoolgirl one got a great reaction so I’ll be doing something a little more cheeky in the schoolgirl outfit (I have an even better one now) and the Barbie Girl vid was just a little spontaneous fun on a lovely sunny evening. OK, I’ll admit that I’d had a few “sips” of wine by the time we got around to the cooking, but then that’s what chefs do, isn’t it?!!!!

Also, to everyone who has emailled me to tell me how much they love my site and the films that we make; it’s so overwhelming to think that so many of you enjoy the films and ideas that we come up with and I will never change what I do…my films will always be real, raw, cheeky and amateur and will stay that way.

Actually, just a quick word about Mastercard….I’m not sure how many of you have tried to use Mcard to join my site although one lovely guy did contact me to say that it was the only card he could use. The reason I don’t have Mcard on my site is because they charge the princely sum of $500 per year for the privilege of using their services! Yes, $500!!!! It’s outrageous, they should be wearing masks and stripey jumpers! Anyway, I have been pondering over whether to pay the money to make it available to you but would be really grateful for any feedback from you if you have tried to use this method of payment. I just really need to know whether it’s financially viable for me at the moment but if there are enough of you who use it – and let’s face it, I know a lot of people use credit cards for this kind of thing – then I’ll go ahead an apply to have it included in the payment options. So, please please let me know; thank you!

So, that’s about it from me for now; I need to get on and put my movie together for you and it should be up and available to view on the site within the next day or so.

I’m still trying to get my head around the admin side of the website; it’s not REALLY complicated but obviously a lot different from my previous one so it’s all new territory.

Anyway guys, I’ve gotta love you and leave you now; the film will be ready very soon and I REALLY hope you enjoy it !!! More to come too……!!!!

Love you all

Kisses & wanks

Sam xxx