Hi guys!

Here I am again, already!!! I hope you’re keeping up with these updates and not getting bored yet, but you know how I love to let you know about everything I’m doing, just in case you miss anything new on my site.

So, I was giving some thought to my erotic stories as I know that a lot of you love to read them. But I wondered how you would feel about audio versions, something to listen to while you close your eyes and relax, perhaps a little bedtime story read to you by me while you drift off to sleep after a nice wank.

Well, I’ve started working on those now and have added a couple already to the website. Voyeur & Me Parts 1 & 2 now have audio versions added to their respective pages and I have already recorded three more to add to some of the others. It’s taking me a little while so I will add them as and when I have made them and I really hope it’s a little something extra that you will enjoy. There’s nothing like drifting off into your own little fantasy; everyone has a different picture in their mind when they read or listen to a story so I hope that listening to me read to you will take you somewhere else, somewhere horny in your vivid imaginations…..

So why not take me to bed and let me read you a sexy story to get those juices flowing…

Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy….

Stay horny guys and see you all again soon!

Love you all lots

Kisses & wanks

Sam xxx