Hi guys

Well, it is with a tinge of sadness that I write this, my last ever update.

I have been thinking long and hard over the past month or so about the future of my website, which has been a labour of love, especially since I changed from my original site to a paysite. At that time, I really only had two options, since the company running my payment gateway (Stripe), deleted my account due to adult content. The first option was to give up the site completely, which I was reluctant to do as we had already spent so much time and money building it and the only other option was to have a subscription site and pay a web developer to build one for me. After a lot of deliberation, that was the choice I made as it was so much fun making videos for you horny guys and I knew how much you loved them.

However, that was just over a year ago now and a lot has gone on in my life. My biggest challenge has been finding anyone willing to film with me..well, filming with me wasn’t the issue, the problem was that they were not happy about anything going on my site and I came up against this brick wall pretty much every time. There is not exactly an abundance of budding porn stars in the South West of England – sadly – and it has been very frustrating trying to overcome this.

Anyway, so where am I now?

Well, it has been a decision that has not been taken lightly, but I have decided to take my website down permanently. The reasons for this are mostly personal but I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time around my normal life stuff to make videos for you and I think the time has come to call it a day, so to speak.

I wanted to give you as much notice as possible, especially for those of you who are on a recurring subscription as you will need time to cancel and avoid any further payments being taken. For those who have joined on a one-off monthly fee, then your subscription will naturally expire before I take my website down.


So that’s it from me now guys; it’s back to a normal life but I have really enjoyed the years that I have been making films; I’ve had a great time, met some fantastic people and I have those films to enjoy forever.

But I want to thank each and every one of you who have either bought my videos previously or joined my site since I launched it a little over a year ago. I have loved making those films and hearing from you about how much you love them and you all love something different and I cannot express how much I appreciate your support and loyalty over the years.

It’s time for me to move on to pastures new now and it will be a sad day when I take the site down but the memories will stay with me forever.

Love to you all

Stay horny

Luv Sam xx