Hi guys

Well, here we are…it’s Christmas Eve and I hope you’re all feeling festive!

Sadly, I haven’t been able to do a video for you as I’d liked as this bloody cold is still hanging around and basically I’ve been feeling crap.  I haven’t even been to the gym in two weeks as I haven’t had the energy, so I’m hoping that a rest over Christmas will be a bit of a tonic.

So I really apologise to you all for that as I desperately wanted to bring you something festive and sexy to see Christmas in, but who knows, it’s not over yet and I have two whole weeks with hubbie with no rushing around getting last minute things done.

I have a few emails to answer and again, I’m sorry if I haven’t replied to each and every one of you personally but like you, I’ve been a busy bee this week, but I promise that I will sit down and reply to you all over the Christmas period.

In the meantime guys, I would like to thank you all for being there for me this year and enjoying everything I’ve done and I really hope that the weather changes so that I can get outside and do something a bit naughty and cheeky for you.  We’ve had some pretty shitty weather over the past few months and it’s been a bit depressing, so I’m hoping that the new year brings us a bit of dry weather – anything but more rain and storms – as I’m feeling a bit house-bound at the moment.  It’s not easy when hubbie is at work all week and I only have a static camera for company; sometimes you need someone else there to give you a bit of freedom to move around, especially outside, so keep your fingers crossed for me ok!

So guys, this is my last update now before Christmas and I wanted to wish you all a very happy one.  Relax and indulge in whatever gives you the most pleasure and I’m sending a bit smoochy kiss to each and every one of you. 

Thank you all again my sexy guys and I’ll bring you something new very soon ok.

Lots of luv

Sam xxx