Hi guys!

Just a quick update on Mastercard as I appreciate this hasn’t been available as a payment option on my site so far and I’ve been contacted by a few people now just asking if it was going to be an option.

Well, the reason I didn’t have it available to you is that Mastercard now charge an annual fee (to me) of $500 for the privilege of using their services. Basically it’s an insurance policy but it’s a bit of a rip off!

Anyway, I’ve been holding back on forking out the expense but it would seem that many of you like to use Mcard for these kind of transactions – and I totally understand why – so I have now applied to have this added to my checkout system and it is now fully functional.

Well guys, thank you to those who have brought this one to my attention; it really does help to get your feedback so you can now go ahead and join me and I look forward to seeing you inside!

Thank you again to all of you who have joined and have emailled me to tell me how much you love my site and are enjoying my content and I will have a new film available for you later in the week!

In the meantime, love you lots

Kisses & wanks

Sam xxx