Hi guys

I have received a few emails recently telling me that you are receiving invoices by email thanking you for your payment and asking me why.

Firstly, I would like to reassure you that you are not being charged any additional fees for being members of my site except those that you have authorised.  

All payments are processed through CCBill and I have absolutely nothing to do with those transactions and any emails you receive regarding payments will not come from me; I have not sent anything to you ok.  CCBill deal with everything to do with finance so I will contact them to see if there is anything they can change on their system to stop the emails.

In the meantime, if you receive any emails – and I appreciate that they must be annoying – please just ignore them and delete as they are obviously raised automatically (I’m guessing).  I have no connection with CCBill at all with the exception of having to use them as a payment gateway but they are extremely professional and trustworthy and the number one payment processor for high risk (such as adult) sites.  I just want you to be reassured that no-one is ripping you off ūüôā

Anyway, please leave this with me and I will contact them and hopefully you won’t receive any more.  If it’s not them then I will have to contact my web developer, who is in the States, and ask him to look into it as it may well be a technical issue, again, something I have absolutely no idea about.  

Thank you all so much and I am so sorry if the emails are annoying.  I will try my best to get this sorted for you.

Luv Sam xx