Hi guys


Well, since I’ve had a couple of emails recently asking me about updates, I thought I should write a little something to explain why I haven’t added any new content lately.

OK, so the last video I did was in November, which was a tricky month for me as I had a cold at the beginning and then after the video was done I had my tattoo, which, as I explained took a couple of weeks to fully heal.  So that took us into basically the middle of December, the run-up to Christmas.

Just like you guys, I am always busy during this time, not that I go over the top when it comes to Crimbo, but I still have to get things done, do the shopping and all of that, so that kind of took up a lot of my time, plus, I got yet another cold virus which hubbie then got.  So Christmas was a bit rubbish for us and actually, the virus was a pretty horrible one which we both had all through January. We couldn’t seem to get rid of the cough; I couldn’t go to the gym (I think I managed to get there twice during the whole month), so all in all, January was a crap month.

So then February, the wettest, windiest, coldest February we’ve had for decades.  To be honest, it hasn’t really inspired me to do anything as the house we live in is always cold; even if we had the heating on 24/7 it still wouldn’t be warm, except in the bedroom, which at the moment has no privacy as the whole fence between us and the neighbours opposite came down in the storm, so we are now waiting to have that replaced.  A cold house is pretty miserable, especially when it’s constantly raining because it’s also gloomy and dark; all in all, pretty depressing to be honest and walking around scantily clad has been the last thing on my mind!

So, I am really hoping that I can get back to things now; I’ve had a really busy week; as well as all my usual things, I’m also very much involved in helping hubbie with his business paperwork, so I do all the admin and secretarial stuff for him, which can sometimes take up my time.  So I have a lot going on in my life and trying to find some decent time – without interruption – to make videos is sometimes difficult. Bear in mind that I only ever film at home, except when we are out and about in summer, and that comes with a lot of challenges. There is no cosy, quiet studio for me; I just have to go with the flow and hope that no random people knock on my door when I’m in the middle of something!

With all that in mind, I just wanted to explain why I took down the “Contact Me” page on my website.  I really had no choice guys, I was getting so many emails from you – and believe me, I love to receive them and hear from you personally.  However, responding to each and every one takes up a lot of my time and I really had no option than to take the page down. As you probably know, I answer all emails personally – I don’t have anyone else to do it for me – so it’s just another thing that occupies too much time for it to be a viable thing now.  I do miss hearing from you, but I’m sure you’d rather me spend my time doing more productive things!!! So for those of you who still contact me on that email address, I just want to let you know that I will be deleting it very soon and it will no longer be available for emails. I’m really sorry, I have found it quite a wrench having to do it but I promise to keep you updated on here (keep checking this page) and also on Twitter, when I have something to tell you.  As far as videos are concerned, then obviously you will see instantly when I have added something new and I am desperate to do something fun and sexy for you…once this bloody house warms up.

Anyway guys, that’s really all I wanted to say.  I feel bad that I haven’t done anything new for a while so I just wanted to try and explain why and give you a little insight into my life and the stuff I do outside of my website.  I am a real person afterall and sometimes life doesn’t always go that smoothly and things get in the way of plans.  

But please bear with me.  I haven’t disappeared and I’m not going anywhere.  Someone emailled me the other day (J), asking me if I’d knocked it all on the head but no, if I had then the website would have gone as it costs me money to have it live, so don’t worry, I still plan on making lots of sexy videos for you and when the warm weather finally gets here – whenever that might be – I really want to get out there and do something cheeky again as being stuck indoors all the time is really driving me crazy 🙂

So guys, on that note, I would love to thank you all for still being here and enjoying my stuff.  Thank you for all your lovely and amazing comments and emails and I promise to have something new for you very soon….

Watch this space 😉

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon

Lots of luv and wanks

Sam xxx