Hi guys


Well, it’s been a while and I am really mindful that I haven’t posted any updates for some time so I thought I would just put you in the picture and reassure you that I haven’t disappeared off the planet!


I’ve got to admit, it’s been a pretty shite year, as I’m sure it must have been for you as well, so that is probably one of the main reasons that I’ve been a bit quiet.  Like you, I’ve had a lot going on, lots to think about, not to mention worry about and that plays havoc with your mind.  I have been pre-occupied, to say the very least 🙁


Add to that, we have had stuff going on at the house – workman around and all sorts doing things – but worst off all, no water for 4 days during that steaming hot spell we had a few weeks back now.  That was extremely horrible, as you can imagine, not to mention stressful; we even even ended up getting a room at the local inn so that we could shower.  The joys of living in a house with no mains water, eh?  This rural living crap just isn’t me and it sure isn’t glamorous either!!!!


Which brings me onto my next bit of news and that is that I am moving house – yes AGAIN!  We haven’t been happy here in ages and have wanted to move, but lockdown put a stop to that, which was really frustrating.  However, we have now found somewhere back by the sea and will be moving in 3 weeks time (2 October).  So, that means that I’ve been very busy, not just packing, but dealing with all the paperwork side of things and my house (not home anymore) looks like a warehouse.  Actually, now we can see how much wine we order online as most of the boxes are from Aldi !!!!  


So that’s where I am right now guys; it’s a bit stressful as there is so much to think about in a very short space of time, but I’m very happy and excited to be moving back to the place I love….home is where the heart is, as they say and it’s so true.  I can go back to running on the beach and sea swimming; no more stinky filthy tractors driving past the house and piles of horse-shit to avoid!


Anyway my darlings, I am so sorry that I’ve been quiet for a while but things have been VERY difficult this year; I’ll just be glad when we can get back to some kind of normality  and as for wearing a mask……..ARRRRGHHHHH, God, I hate it!


So next month I will be in my new home but obviously getting straight and then I can get back into what I enjoy most…naughty fun!  Actually, one of the best things is that we are moving to a house so we have stairs….HOW NOVEL!!  Haven’t had stairs in years but they do give you more ideas and opportunities for filming, especially upskirt in stockings and sussies 😉  


Well, I’d better leave it there for now guys as I need to get on with organising things but don’t worry, I will be back very soon and hopefully inspired for something new and exciting for you all.


I sincerely hope that you are all ok and also that you are all staying safe. 


It’s been a shit year, let’s look forward to better times in 2021 !!


Speak to you again soon from my new home ok


Lots of luv & wanks

Sam xxx