Hi guys

So this post only applies to you if you have received an email/cancellation notice of your membership, from CCBill.  If you haven’t, please can you check you spam just in case you haven’t picked it up.  Thank you.

OK, so in a nutshell, CCBill contacted me on Christmas Day to let me know that they were carrying out a periodic review of my account and a problem arose following the name change on my website.  It’s nothing terrible and I haven’t done anything illegal, it’s just that any member who registered when I was still known as Slut Wife of Devon will no longer be able to continue using their accounts as CCBill have had to delete that name from their records.  I’ve basically been in email contact with them since Christmas Day trying to sort this out without having to resort to having memberships cancelled, but sadly I cannot and I have to adhere to their policies.

Don’t worry, nobody will be left out of pocket, so please don’t worry.

CCBill assured me that, for those of you with recurring or non-recurring 30 day access, those accounts will be terminated at the end of your monthly term.  For non-recurring members this isn’t an issue; the membership will naturally expire anyway and if and when you want to return at any time, you will just have to start up a new account, which will then be under UKHotwife and everything will be fine.  For those with 30 day recurring memberships, CCBill will terminate your membership at the end of the 30 day period and no further money will be taken from you.  Again, if you wish to re-join me, then you will need to register a new account which will be under UKHotwife.

For those with a 365 membership, those accounts will be cancelled and you will receive a partial refund, which CCBill will obviously calculate depending on how long you have left.  As with the other members, you will need to re-join under a new account which will then fall under UKHotwife.

This has been a bit of a nightmare for me to have to deal with over Christmas and New Year, but sadly it had to be addressed and I hope that it will not inconvenience you too much. 

Once again, please don’t think there is anything dodgy going on; it’s just CCBill policy and I had to get rid of any reference to Slut Wife of Devon on my account…..

So guys, if you have any questions, then CCBill assured me that they have asked you to contact them so if you are worried or unsure of anything, then please email them and they will help you ok.

I’m really sorry that this had had to happen; I definitely would have preferred to solve the problem in an easier way, but I was unable to so this was the only option ūüôĀ

Guys, thank you SO much for your loyalty and I look forward to seeing you back on whenever you are ready.

Here’s to 2020!!!!!

Lots of luv & wanks

Sam xxx