Hi guys

Well, what to do on a dreary January day….?

First things first though…a decent workout to burn off all those extra calories I’ve been consuming for the past few days (not mince pies because I hate them), but mostly wine and a few sweet treat that wouldn’t normally get ANY shelf space in my kitchen cupboards!!!  Anyway, thankfully almost all that stuff has gone, which is a relief as it’s too much of a temptation.

Anyway, so workout done and onto a sexy spontaneous little photoshoot which didn’t go too badly at all!  So, I now have a new gallery for you….and remember guys, I don’t do filtering, no fancy lighting and hubbie is my photographer and not professional, so all the photos are real and raw and exactly the way they came out…..

I hope you love what I chose to wear for this one as you won’t have seen any of it before.  The shoes are right there at the top of my faves and were one of the three new pairs I bought during lockdown, so I hope you love them as much as I do.  Also, genuine 50’s nylons in grey as I know that at least one of you loves grey nylons and I think they team perfectly with the red shoes..

So guys, I hope you are enjoying your weekend and having some chill time before normality kicks in next week.  Thank you all again for your amazing comments and messages and I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery as much as I loved doing this one for you….

Speak to you again soon

Lots of luv and wanks

Sam xxx