Hi guys

Well, I thought it would only be fair of me to let you know what’s been going on as I am really mindful that I haven’t added any new content for a little while.

OK, so my life has been pretty hectic lately, especially since we came out of lockdown and I’ve honestly had loads going on and lots of rushing around to do.  However, the absolute main reason for not making any films for you is that up until today, I haven’t had my hair done since 12 March and it didn’t look pretty.  I know that some of you have told me that it doesn’t really matter what I look like, but it matters to me – a lot – because if I look crappy then I feel crappy and I certainly don’t feel sexy!!  BUT, hallelujah!!  Today was the day I finally got to go to the hairdresser and it’s the first time I’ve felt human in ages.  Believe me guys, not having had any highlights done for almost 5 months has not been great and it most definitely is not a good look, as you have probably noticed from a lot of other women walking around with grown out colour!!!!

So anyway, it has made me feel good again and I have a special video lined up to do for you; something to wear that I absolutely know you will adore and new lovely blonde highlights to compliment the look!!!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for sticking with me through this nightmare of a lockdown; I truly appreciate each and every one of your comments and emails and your understanding about my silences…..I will make it worth your while though, I promise.

I noticed that there were a couple of comments on my “Fucked By the Boss” video about problems with downloading, so I just wanted to make sure that those members had read my FAQ page in the members area with tips and instructions about how to do that.  I know that very occasionally there might be a video that won’t download but I have absolutely no reason why as they are all recorded, saved and uploaded to the site in the same way.  So if you are having problems, then please be sure to check my FAQ’s (if you haven’t already) and hopefully that should help you out.

So guys, I will leave it there for now as I haven’t much to tell you at the moment, but I did want to just check-in with you all and let you know that I am still here and that I have plans on making a new video for you very soon ok.

In the meantime, I hope you are all staying safe and are coping with our “new normal” – god, I really hate wearing a mask in shops – and that you are looking forward to what I have for you next.  Like I said, I will make it worth your while and that is my promise to you, as always.

Take care my darlings and speak soon

Lots of luv

Sam xxx