Well, what an extremely lucky girl I was this year; for my 51st birthday, a treat at the Hilton in Bournemouth. Not just a bog standard room either, a suite – oh yes – class!  Actually, it was kind of planned as we had arranged for a 2 guy film but when hubbie went down to reception to meet them – me waiting patiently in the room but a little nervous – he came back in with three, YES, THREE!!

So anyway, after the initial shock wore off, we sat down, relaxed and had a drink and then got into some serious filming, and I think that you’ll love what we have for you this time.  Not just one, but two films; me with 3 blokes all to myself.

So, why not check out “Boardroom Slut” and “Spoilt for Choice” – two totally different videos but equally horny…

Enjoy guys and see you soon!
Luv & wanks
Sam xx