Well guys, we’ve been hit by the Beast AGAIN in South Devon and we’re snowed in.  Living on a steep hill has lots of downsides – I can’t walk around in heels, the roads are never gritted so we end up with a  snow mountain!  BUT, we do have a fantastic view, so not all bad eh 😉

Anyway, so seeing as I didn’t get out there in the snow first time round and after all the emails I’ve had asking if I’d done any snow pics, I thought I’d better make the most of it and do something for you guys.  And not only pics, but a little vid as well…. I love to spoil you!!

So it was cold, really cold and snowing a blizzard BUT I got out there in my fur coat, thigh boots (with heels) and wearing only stockings and a garter belt underneath, I braved the weather to bring you some sexy photos and my cheeky video.  It was fun, I have to say, despite the cold, and I did have some lovely hot soup before I ventured out.

So, I hope you enjoy my little Beast from the East offering.  I doubt we’ll see snow again here now – at least, not that amount – so now looking forward to some sun!

Back soon!

Luv & Wanks, Sam xx