Hi guys

WOW, what can I say about my weekend apart from that it was simply AMAZING!!!

As I’ve told you previously, we have known “G” for a few years now and he is a fantastic friend and an awesome playmate.  We have had so much fun both on and off camera and the time just sped by in a haze of, well, naughtiness!  I’ve worn so many different outfits, been fucked, licked and wanked over, both by G and hubbie.  I’ve lap-danced and basically been the centre of attention from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, by which time I was completely exhausted and left with no energy for anything else.  In fact yesterday hubbie and I just dozed in the garden in the sunshine and reflected on the fun we had shared together and with G.

Something which really took me by surprise was an email from another friend – S – who lives not too far from me, telling me that he had been imagining me getting fucked all weekend!  That was so great because I guess when I write these updates that I don’t actually expect anyone to really think hard about what I’m getting up to as you all have your own lives and other distractions going on, but I was really flattered to hear that I am in your thoughts, oh and by the way, yes, we should really get together for some fun again 😉

So we had a bit of an unsuccessful attempt at a video on Saturday and had to abandon for a few reasons.  The scenario I have been wanting to do for ages is the chauffeur one where I am the chauffer.  So I got all dressed up and snuck out to the car wearing a long coat to disguise my extremely visible stocking tops and we drove down the A380 towards Exeter with one destination in mind – the perfect lay-by to pull in and have some fun.  Well firstly, it started chucking it down on the way there but we carried on nonetheless thinking that maybe it would be a shower and we could still get up to no good.  But then, as I pulled in, there were already two other cars there – some couple who had obviously pulled in for a cuppa and a picnic and another vehicle that had curtains pulled and so we came to the conclusion that someone was asleep in there.  It was a disappointing moment, but even if they had both gone, it was still pouring with rain and doing anything outside wouldn’t have been any fun at all.  So like so many other plans for filming outside, it got abandoned.

Back home though, we took a breather, had some coffee and then put Plan B into action and RESULT, another horny film was born!

I won’t give away too many details but I’ve added a couple of stills in this post to give you a little sneaky taster while I spend this afternoon editing and putting the film together.

We’d hoped to have made more than one film this weekend guys but obviously it wasn’t meant to be…although I wish we’d have filmed some of the fun we got up to, especially when I got my wand out and toyed myself while hubbie and G stood over me wanking.   Jesus, I love watching blokes wank, it’s just the horniest thing ever so don’t ever be shy guys, if you want to send me a video of you wanking over me, I’d love to see it 😉

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now as I need to get on with the video and it’s going to take a bit of a time from start to finish, but I just wanted to tell you that the weekend was simply awesome and that I have a little treat for you on the way, ok!

While you’re waiting patiently I will be working my magic so watch this space!

Take care guys and stay horny, as always

Lots of luv & wanks

Sam xxx