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Welcome to my sexy world!

My name is Sam Hunter and I am the one and only UK HOT WIFE. If you have already found my profile on xhamster and enjoyed what you saw there, then thank you for coming over and finding out more about me and the naughty things I get up to! But if you are new to me and are intrigued about my secret world, then come on in, sit back and relax and enjoy what I have to offer; I’m sure you will find something in my collection to indulge and unwind to at the end of a “hard” day.

So, about me. I’m just a normal housewife with a VERY naughty side and I love nothing more than to make sexy movies for you horny guys to watch and wank over – and also you ladies, if you enjoy me as well!

I am not a model or a porn-star and have no interest in joining the porn industry; what I do is just for fun and hubbie and I definitely have lots of that when we’re filming, especially with other guys.

I absolutely LOVE the outdoors and some cheeky flashing always gets my naughty juices running ;-). If you’re lucky, you may spot me out somewhere in Devon, perhaps you may have already seen me out there getting my tits and arse out and if you have, then why not let me know as I really love to hear from you.

So, how did I become UK Hot Wife? Well, I gave up my full-time job back in 2014 and started dabbling in some escort work, which I loved and I got to meet many lovely guys through Adultwork. But I gave that up after a year or so and hubbie and I have just concentrated on meeting people from Fab Swingers, as long as they are happy to be filmed, and my website was born.

We have a few close friends that we film with although some live quite a distance away so it’s not always possible to have regular meets with them, but the films we HAVE made were so much fun and I am proud to have them in my collection; maybe you have them in yours too 🙂

So, with that in mind, I am going to give my members the chance to meet and film with me from time to time as we have found that contacting people through Fab Swingers isn’t always successful; you’d be surprised how many dreamers there are out there. So, if you join my site, then perhaps you could be lucky enough to film with me – if that’s your fantasy – and we could have some fun together in front of the camera.

Anyway, I think that’s all from me, but if you decide to join me, then I hope you enjoy what I have to offer inside. You can view my entire video collection; all the full versions are there, plus galleries to browse (including my explicit gallery) plus all my erotica. Members will also be able to enter any competitions that I run, such as my “phone sex” competition as seen on xhamster and also get the chance to meet me. I will update my blog regularly with what I’ve been up to and news on new videos as and when I make them and it’s free for anyone to browse whether you are a member or not. So even if you don’t wish to join, you can still keep up with me and I will continue to post clips on xhamster as well.

Well guys (and ladies), thank you for being here and I hope you will join my world and become a part of my naughty life!

Love & wanks

Sam xx

A little more about me

When were you born?2018-07-19T17:15:27+00:00

I was born on 3rd November 1966 under the sign of Scorpio.

How tall are you?2018-07-19T17:16:28+00:00

I’m 5’6” in my stockinged feet.

So what size are your feet?2018-07-19T17:16:56+00:00

I am a dainty size 3!

What perfume do you wear?2018-07-19T17:17:16+00:00

I absolutely love Agent Provocateur (the original fragrance) and am often complimented when I am out.

Are you boobs natural?2018-07-19T17:17:49+00:00

Yes they are and I think you can tell!

If I was to buy you flowers what would you like?2018-07-19T17:18:12+00:00

Well, I love the fragrance of lillies so a bouquet of those would be lovely.

What is your favourite meal?2018-07-19T17:18:40+00:00

That’s a toughie as I do enjoy my food! Anything spicy would probably be my preference, especially Indian or Mexican but I also love a good roast too!

So you’ll need a drink to accompany that, what would you like?2018-07-19T17:18:54+00:00

Definitely a nice wine. For white that would be a nice Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough is my absolute favourite) but I love a rose too…nice and dry. However, first thing in the morning you can’t beat a really good coffee!

How do you keep in shape?2018-07-19T17:19:17+00:00

I’m finding it harder to keep my weight off these days and unfortunately I do fluctuate as you can probably tell from my photos and vids. I love to swim but I also do a little weight training and I can hula-hoop all day long to keep my tummy toned.

Are you bi-curious as I don’t see any girl-on-girl videos in your collection?2018-07-19T17:19:45+00:00

Sorry to disappoint you guys but I am 100% straight…I have no intentions of visiting the lady-garden anytime soon, despite what you might read in my stories!

Did you write the erotic stories?2018-07-19T17:20:09+00:00

Each and every one of them. I love to let my imagination wander but I always like to put a little twist on a situation so that it’s not just the usual scenario.

Do you have any other skills?2018-07-19T17:20:37+00:00

Yes, I am a fully qualified massage therapist and can offer you a gorgeous Swedish massage..I have very healing hands!

Do you offer escort meets?2018-07-19T17:21:13+00:00

 No, I’m sorry but those days are over; I just love to concentrate on my website now, but thank you anyway ?

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